A Whole Lot of Nonsense Crammed Into 1 Post

So, we are getting close to 2 months of dieting and kicking my ass working out. What have I accomplished? I have made it to level 2 of Jillian "the bitch" Michael's 30 day shred, and I have lost (drum roll please) 6 lbs!! Which isn't much... but OMG the inches that are coming off make me a happy happy girl. I have been doing so good with sticking with my daily points and not using my weeklies except on my 1 cheat day a week. Last night Kyle and I got NYPD pizza & wings for dinner.. WOW. SO GOOD! I love living over here. We are close to all kinds of good stuff!! I'm really proud of myself for sticking this out this time around. I recently discovered that on WW they have a community with message boards and all kinds of fun stuff. So, that is awesome. It helps to see how much everyone else is struggling also (and it isn't just me), the encouragement of everyone on there is really awesome. I have never gone to a meeting, I don't know if I could. I am so shy that it could honestly scar me. I know you are all like... what shy?!?! Yes, honestly I am. I can't even play charades infront of people!! I may speak my mind once I am comfortable around ya, but get up and do something completely alone.. now that will make me pee my pants in an instant.

We are very close to vacation time. :-) I'm gettin excited. It's time to book our hotel in San Antonio and start planning everything. The only bummer is that homework will unfortunately invade my vacation. That sucks total ass... but oh well.. the price we pay right?

Speaking of homework... I should seriously be working on my art history paper.. this thing has been plaguing me for like 3 weeks now. You would totally thing that since I have know about it since the start of the semester I wouldn't have waited til 4 hours before it is due to work on it, right? Wrong.. if you honestly thought that you don't know me at all!! I am the QUEEN of procrastination!! It is in my blood... ask my mom!! So, here I am.. about to BS my way through yet another Art History paper and pray I do as good as I did the last time through. I'm sure I will be fine. I could think of some really good excuses as for why I am waiting til the last second, for example, Math is super duper hard (no joke, really it is) and I have been focusing on that. But really I haven't, I will be cramming that in tomorrow before Carl's birthday party. I just suck. Altogehter suck. I procrastinate, the sooner you comes to terms with that the better we all will be. :-)

I must attempt to go and BS my way through my paper now.. seriously I'm going to try.

I will leave you with some pretty amazing pictures of Monster's birthday party!

This is the FABULOUS cupcake stand that my sister and I worked our butts off to make!

He can't smile... really I believe that.
OMG.. he's 6... :-(

Happy Birthday Monster

Dear Monster,

On this very day 6 years ago you came into my life. I didn't know it then but I needed you as much as you needed me. You have changed my life in ways I don't think you could ever  understand. You have made me a happier person. Everyday that I get to see your smile or hear you laugh is an amazing day.

Thank you.

The luckiest mommy ever.

Looking oh so cool on his new bike.

I love you Monster