The Assignment

I have completed my first creative writting assignment. A week late, but due to the arguing wtih the book store and financial aid I got my books about a week late. So, basically, to me.. I am right on track!

Our assignment was to retell something that happend to us from our childhood that changed us in 500 words, using concrete detail to help the readier visualize what  you are telling. I'm not sure how this changed me, but it is something I remember from my childhood. Of course I probably embelished somethings, and added things or omitted things to make it more interesting. But here you go.

The thing from my childhood that I picked was when my sister was bit by our dog. I dreamt that I wrote about this last night. No joke. I woke up and could remember this paper almost word for word. So, I got up and wrote it all down. Then as I was reading it back to Kyle later I started crying. I don't know why it was strange. But, anyway.

Assignment 1.

I remember sitting in the dimly lit kitchen drawing at the table. My mom had gone to the store for ice cream, so it was just the three of us; my dad, sister and I. My dad was lying on the couch in the dark watching “This Old House”, again. He watched that show so much it had become background noise in our home.

He looked at me and asked, “Where’s Jessi?” Jessi was my two year old sister. “I don’t know”, I replied as I went back to my masterpiece at hand. My dad yelled for her from his worn in spot on the couch, “Jessica!” I looked up to see where she was going to come waddling in from, and nothing. My dad started to get up from his favorite show and I looked in the backyard. There she was happily galloping in the backyard wearing only her diaper.

Jessi wasn’t allowed to be back there without an adult. We had two dogs that weren’t very fond of her. A black and white Great Dane that was horse-like in size, named Tobias and a fluffy black Cocker Spaniel that we called Lacey. We bought the two dogs as puppies when I was about four. They were always great with me. But, Jessi came into the picture later and neither dog had ever been around a terrible two year old.

At the moment Tobias and Lacey weren’t bothered by her squealing giggles as she ran laps around the perimeter of their yard.

I looked at my dad, “she’s in the backyard.” He Jumped to his feet and ran to the door. I had never seen my dad look so scared. As he went out the door Tobias looked up and saw the happy girl running around. My dad got to her first and picked her up to bring her back inside. When Tobias caught up he jumped and latched onto Jessi’s tiny leg. He had her entire calf in his mouth. Jessi started to wail and I stood at the door in complete shock.

I could hear my dad calling my name, “Kassie! Kassie, I need your help.” He was trying to pry the dog’s mouth open to free my sister’s leg. I could see the blood running down his hands and outlining Tobias’s mouth like bright red lipstick on his white fur.

As he freed her leg he handed her to me, “Take her straight to the car and put her in her seat, and be careful.” I carried her into the house like she was a piece of broken glass, careful to not touch or even look at her leg. I got her buckled in and took my spot next to her in the car and waited. She had stopped crying and was sitting quietly. It was then that I finally looked at her wound. Her leg was open and I could see all the muscles moving and twitching like a bowl of worms. My dad calmly got in car and brought me a towel to wrap around her little leg. “We are going to the store to get your mom, then to the hospital.”