I'm going to try to update more, I promise!

well.. I figured out how to change my background. I like it! :-)

Things have been a bit hectic the last week or so... with work and school... and Monster's last week of school. Please excuse me while I go cry because my baby is now a 1st grader. I know... he is getting so big. I can still remember holding him and loving on him when he was a itty bitty baby. :-(

And now... he looks like this....

It's just not fair... I want him to stay a little itty bitty baby forever.

I absolutely adore the new computer. I feel like we are apart of the real adult world again. We have a computer that is amazing and we aren't stealing our Internet connection from someone else!! Woo hoo!! Look Mom, we are grown ups! :-)

I have a lot coming up... Monster's birthday party being the biggest on my plate. We are doing a simple Peter Piper party... when I say simple.. I don't mean simple. lol It's going to be crazy and hectic. But we will get through it and be completely exhausted at the end.. We got some amazing Super Mario party decorations!! They are awesome.. he is going to flip when he sees them. No, we haven't let him see them  yet, I want it to be a surprise. Evil Mommy, I know.

You can see them here!! (Yes, I am LOVING all my new options that I am getting by blogging from a real computer and NOT my phone. :-))

I am doing AMAZING with my weight watchers. I realized today that soon I'm going to have to buy new clothes for work. The capri pants that I practically live in, are about to start falling off of me. I can seriously pull them down with out unbuttoning them. TMI? lol So, if anyone would like to get me some work clothes I would LOVE this cute outfit. I'm not sure  how I would look in it...but I am fond of it from here.lol Did anyone else know that Lane Bryant sold shoes? Because I didn't and I am in LOVE with these. I might have to go get them!

Well, I am off to go and see Shrek the Final Chapter with my 2 favorite boys. I will leave you with this picture so you can truely understand why I love them so. :-)

Notice that Kyle is completely ignoring me.. lol


A new computer!

Check me out! I'm blogging from a real computer with real capabilities of making this a pretty good blog.

At least if I had time I would. I am going to be making this short.. just a quick update.

Shredding is kicking my ass.. but it is working. I have definitely lost inches.. and a full 3lbs. YAY!! Go me... and I am getting muscles in my legs. Who would have thought?

School started, I'm in my 2nd week. Not too bad. Speaking of I should be writting my paper. I have family coming over and my house is a wreck.

So, until I get the chance to update again. Have a good day!


Shred it Baby!

I was feeling a bit insane today when workout time came around. I decided I would give Jillian Michaels 30 day shred a try. OMG, insane isn't even a fair word for it. My legs were shaking and I looked like I was just hosed down from head to toe. Who would have thought 20 mins could be so hard?

So, I bought the dvd as soon as I was done. Lol my new goal for May? Shred every day for 30 days! Let's do it! I know you will hear about how sore I am, and how I don't want to do it, but just tell me to shut up and at the end I will be glad I did it.

Here we go!


April In A Nutshell

Holy cow, it's already May! I can't believe it.

So, for my April to do list I got 3 out of 5 things accomplished. (waiting for applause.....)

1. I got a Wii fit! (thanks again to my awesome family)
2. Started Weight Watchers. I started it last week & have done pretty good. 2.5lbs down.... only 77.5 more to go! :-)
3. Date night! We had date night last Saturday. It was good to relax and spend time with Kyle.

April was a good month. My birthday, Easter, I got back in school, it was the 3 year mark since Kyle & I moved in together and quite a bit of family time. I got myself organized to start my weight loss off right and it actually worked!

May is so far looking to be a good month too. It will start with Monster's end of the year performance. I can't believe he will be a first grader! That is insane. My financial aid will be coming, woo hoo new computer! I will be starting my classes, yes I am looking forward to that. I like school, I'm a total nerd. Planning Monster's 6th birthday party. And, of course Mother's day. I'm looking forward to the struggle of keeping up with my weight loss and getting closer to my goal!

Woo hoo time to make a new to do list.