The word for 2010.

I keep seeing "2010 sucked for me", I don't agree. We had a really good 2010. We accomplished a lot, we accumulated a lot. We both had jobs all year long. All things considered it was prodigious.
I say this because we accumulated a lot of stuff this year... a lot. A TV, Computer, PS3, Dining room set, Camera, Grill, fire pit, dog... it was an extraoridnary in size year. But, I lost weight to make up for it???
And, yet it was wonderful. A house, a vacation, Kyle went back to school, Aidan lost his first tooth, lots of good stuff. Wonderful year.
I would like 2011 to be Diligent. I want to get a lot accomplished with school and writing. I want to reach weight loss goals and goals in general. Goals are good things. I'm actually going to sit down and make a list of goals that I want to accomplish this year. Maybe even in my snazzy leather journal that my cousin got me for Christmas. It's awesome.. I have been searching for reasons to use it!! I can keep track of how I do with my goals? Maybe, I don't know. I will find it's purpose though!
So, starting on January first I am taking my new camera and I am going to be doing a 365 Project. I'm excited. I think it will be an awesome project and something to really focus on. I know I have a lot going on with school and my diet, and being a wife/mom/needy dog owner. But, I feel that it could be soemthing fun and something to help me take my mind off of the unfun stuff. Like school. Plus, any reason to use my camera, right?!?!?!?!
Also, I will be hitting the diet super hard again. SUPER hard... we won't discuss my HORRIBLE eating habits since Thanksgiving, but I have put soem weight back on. Not too much, but enough for me to feel yucky about it. So, I'm wanting to join a gym and maybe do some fun classes? I don't know what yet exactly, but something. I know, gotta keep my plate full at all times. I get bored and watch entirely too much tv if I don't have lots going on and keeping me busy.
Well, I must go and clean my house for our gathering tonight. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!


December.. WOW!

So, 2010 is coming to a close. My first year as a married adult, the first year of living in a house, the first year I have actually known what I TRUELY wanted to do and went for it, and the year I lost 25lbs & can fit into a size 16 again. And, the  year of our first real family vacation.

What a year it has been!

I have so much I want to try to do in 2011. I'm going to attempt taking 3 classes, we want to go to Minnesota for Aidan's spring break. A new state and my first airplane ride!

I started doing the HCG thing for about a week right before Thanksgiving and have decided to wait until the new year. I'm back to WW and hopefully that will help keep the Christmas weight at bay. We went hiking this morning and it felt so good. I haven't done that in a long time. We took Monster with us and he had a blast. Kyle and I talked about it and have decided that we will hike every other week and go to church every other week. We just need to find a church in our area that we are both comfortable going too. We will see how that goes.

I'm going to create a goals list for 2011 I think. Just some things that I feel are reachable and will be worth working towards. I don't know what exactly it will include yet, but I have about 24 days to work it out.:-)

We are going to have a New Year's party again this year, so I am pretty excited about that. I love having partys!!

I guess that's really it. I have an essay and  a final to get done!
Have a great week!


New Stories

I figured I could update some of my stories.

Last week I had to write a short-short story... so  here is that one. I know I am going to get crap for how I ended it, but per my instructor I was supposed to leave the reader with questions. So, you end it, tell me what you think happens. I know what I want to happen so I guess I will see if I did a good job setting that up.

From this Day Forward

He pulls me in closer, forehead to forehead we stand. I can feel his breath in my face and his hands as they are rubbing the small of my back. Don’t cry, I say to myself. I have to be strong. I can see his lips move but I can’t hear a word he is saying. I am lost in my own thoughts.

I feel his hands move up and touch my cheek gently. This is it, he’s gonna kiss me; I don’t know what I should do. Will I even be able to kiss him back after all of this? He bends his head down to mine and gently with just a brush of his lips he broke the dam I had built behind my eyes. I can feel the tears rush down my cheeks. I can’t stop it and I can’t stop myself from kissing him back. This could be the last kiss I ever get from him.

He stops kissing me and puts his head up against mine again and stares into my eyes. He brings his hand up to wipe away my tears. Gently I feel the brush of his hand against my face and another tear falls from my eyes. I have to look away, walk away and don’t look back. But, I can’t. I stand there torturing myself longer. I don’t know how to walk away from him, I have never left successfully. With one word he had always brings me running back. But this time, it was him that’s leaving. He is saying good-bye and there is nothing that I can say that will stop him. Why am I wasting my time? He doesn’t care enough to stay, I could leave.

But, my feet won’t move I am just standing there staring in his emerald green eyes wishing he would stay. I know he is going to say it. In a few minutes he’s going to say “Good-Bye” and my world will be over. I can’t stop him; there aren’t enough tears in the world for me to cry that will make him stay. It’s over. I need to face this. But, not now, I can’t. Not while he is physically here in front of me and I can still smell that horrible cologne that he wears even though I hate it. I will love it from this day forward, though.

And, then I hear him say the words I have been dreading for the last month.

“Zoey, it’s time. I have to go.”

With those six words my life has just shattered. I fall to my knees as he’s walking to his car. He doesn’t look back; he can’t bear to see me cry anymore.

As I watch him driving away I know that I will never see my one true love again. I pick myself up off the drive way and go to bed, where I just might spend the rest of my life.

The next one was my midterm, it was 1250 words and I'm not the biggest fan of this story. I think I have done better but my instructor loved it, it's "a little predictable but has a great twist." So enjoy.

Please Stay

“I can’t believe he is doing this to me, I know he isn’t happy with her,” Janette sobbed to her friend, Angelica.

Janette had been having an affair with her boss, Daniel for the last year and a half, until three days ago. Daniel told her that he needed to try to fix things with his wife; they have been together for almost ten years and he owes it to her and their children.

“There is nothing you can do about it, they’re married and have a family together.”

“I know, but he always says he is going to leave her.”

“He might have been telling you that, but that doesn’t mean he is going to do it. I’m sorry you are so upset, Janette, but you have to let it go and move on.”

“I will, it’s just so hard when I have to see him every day. I need some time to myself without thinking about Daniel or this whole mess. I’m gonna go, I think I will just take a bath and relax. I will talk to you later.”

“Ok, but you have to promise me that you won’t call him.”

“I promise. Good night.”

Janette presses end and throws her cell phone in her purse as she pulls her black Nissan Sentra into the parking lot of LA Fitness. She knows Daniel goes to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night.

I promised I wouldn’t call him, but I never said anything about not following him, Janette thinks as she turns off her headlights and parks far enough behind Daniel’s car that he won’t see her.

Within a few minutes she sees Daniel walking out in his basketball shorts and cut off shirt. His salt and pepper hair reflects in the dim parking lot lights as he looks up and spots her car. Janette slinks down in the seat of her little car hoping that he didn’t notice. Daniel pulls his cell phone out of the pocket of the jeans he is carrying in his hand and starts to dial as he gets in his car. Janette sits back up and turns on her car, being sure not to turn her headlights on yet.

She follows Daniel to his home, like she has many nights before. She sits outside his house as he goes in and greets his pregnant wife and daughter. Janette pulls her phone out of her purse and hits speed dial. She watches through the window as Daniel pulls his phone out of his pocket, looks at it hits silence. Janette drops her phone and starts to cry again. I don’t understand, he said he was happy with me. Janette pulls away and drives home to her empty apartment.

The next morning Janette makes sure she looks her best. She puts on her black pencil skirt with her favorite blue blouse that makes her blue eyes stand out even more. Her long blonde hair shines and is perfectly in place, he will have to take me back after he sees me today, she assures herself as she walks in the front door to Daniel’s law firm.

“Good morning Daniel,” she smiles as she walks past his office to her desk.

“Good morning Janette,” he replies without looking up from his computer screen, “can you please close my door, I’m very busy today and do not want to be disturbed.”

“Sure,” she snaps.

Hurt, Janette heads to her desk and starts to think about ways to get his attention.

I know, I can email him and ask him to have lunch with me at our favorite restaurant.

Janette pulls up her email and starts to type when in waddles Melinda, Daniel’s 8 month pregnant wife. Even being as pregnant as she is, she’s still beautiful. Janette can’t blame him for marrying her, Melinda was young, a successful pediatrician and a great mother.

“Good morning Janette, is my wonderful husband available? I will only steal him for a moment.”

“Actually he said he is very busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed, so sorry,” Janette tells her with a smirk on her face.

“Oh, well, I’m sure he won’t mind. I have breakfast and the ultrasound pictures, I found out the sex of the baby he will be SO excited. He needs a break anyway.”

“Melinda I really-“ Janette tries to interrupt but Melinda pushes past into Daniel’s office and closes the door.

Great, now I won’t be able to talk to him all day! Feeling rejected she goes down the hall to Angelica’s office for comfort.

“I don’t know what to do, Angelica, she is in there right now. I was going to ask him to go to lunch with me but she got here before I could send the email.”

“You need to stop is what you need to do. Just move on and let it go.”

“I can’t. I love him. I need to be with him. I’m just gonna go in there and tell her what’s going on. She needs to know that he wants to be with me, not her.”

“That’s not a good idea. I know you are hurt, but you aren’t going to win this one.”

“I have to.”

Janette gets up and heads down the hall to Daniel’s office. I can do this. He wants to be with me, not her. She will see. He will see.

Janette barges into Daniel’s office, it’s empty. She hears Daniel’s voice behind her.

“I will be right there, I just have to let Janette know I’m leaving for the day and then we can go celebrate.”

“You’re leaving for the day? You can’t. What about how busy you are?”

“It’s fine. It can wait; I’m going to celebrate with my wife. We are having a boy. This is great news. Please let everyone know I will be back tomorrow. Thanks Janette.”

“Wait! How can you act like this to me? Like nothing has happened? I want to talk to you.”

“What are you talking about Janette?” Daniel looks at her confused.

“About us.”

“There is no us. There never has been, and there never will be. I don’t know where you got this idea, but you need to stop. I know you followed me home last night from the gym and I know you called me. Seriously, this needs to stop.”

“What do you mean there never was. What about the last year and half? What about the trip to San Antonio?”

“Honey, are you coming?” Melinda asks walking up with her radiant smile.

“Yes, just a moment. I was just letting Janette know that we are leaving.”

“Melinda, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Daniel has been having an affair. With me,” Janette blurts out.

“Daniel, I thought you said you were going to take care of this situation?”

“I am, I placed the call this morning, that’s what I was doing right before you got here.”

“What are you guys talking about? Did you not hear what I just said? He was having an affair with me!”

“Janette, we know about your condition. Your sister Angelica told me the other day. You need to get help, I called the hospital.”

Just then Angelica came walking down the hall, “I’m so sorry Janette. I thought you were better.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t even have a sister,” Janette cried.


AAAAAAnddd it's been about a month since I posted

  • Well, I suck.. things have been busy. The End.
  • We had a fabulous holiday weekend, and I will greatly miss the time off of work.
  • I think I am mentally prepared for Christmas.
  • I am almost done with my psychology class, my final is on December 4th. I'm excited!
  • 2010 was a pretty amazing year.
  • We had house guests for the first time this weekend. I love hosting things, even if it's just for a night.
  • I hate Sundays, I spend the whole day dreading Monday. What a waste of a day.
  • I am down to a size 16, for the first time in like 3 years, or possibly longer!
  • I seriously love our new dining room table, I refuse to eat in the living room ever again.
  • We had our first dinner party on Wednesday, I would say it was a success!
Here are some pictures to leave you with. I know I think you guys got ripped off on the post, but I have 2 creative writing assignments to turn in and I have got to get my but in gear.

Love you all, sorry I forgot about you  have been so busy!

He was super proud that he climbed his first tree

My awesome Thanksgiving day decorated table

Pretty amazing Garland that my cousin made

My 2 best friends and myself

So adorable

Making smores with the cousins


I'm starting to think maybe I should just post assignments on here.

In the spirit of Halloween I made my latest assignment a little creepy.

Let me know what you think.

The Neighbor

“While you guys are out of town do you think Megan can stay with me, so I’m not alone,” Rachel asks her parents as they load up their car to leave.

“I guess that would be ok, but absolutely no boys or parties. I mean it Rachel, we will find out,” her mom warns.

“Of course not Mom, you can trust me. Have a fun trip, I love you guys!”

“I know you wouldn’t, but Megan… oh well, never mind. We love you too! See you on Sunday,” her mom yells out of the window.

After watching her parents drive off into the fading sun light, Rachel turns to go back in the house and sees her neighbor John standing in his driveway watching her. He has always made Rachel feel uncomfortable and today was no different. John was a single man in his mid 40’s, Rachel has never seen him with a woman despite the fact that he was a mildly attractive older man. Honestly, she has never seen anyone come to visit him. To be polite Rachel waves to John and smiles as she opens her door to go inside and call Megan.

“Good morning, Rachel. Did I hear that your parents are going out of town for the weekend?”

“Yeah, umm they’ll be back on Sunday, night,” Rachel tells John, surprised that he heard what she was saying to her parents.

“Well, you know I’ll be here if you need anything. Don’t be afraid to knock on my door at anytime if you need something. A young girl staying home by herself isn’t safe, you know.”

“I’ll be fine. Thank you, John. I gotta get going though, have a good day,” Rachel says as she quickly goes inside and shuts the door, making sure to lock it behind her.

Rachel picks up her phone to call her best friend, Megan and starts checking all of the doors and windows to be sure they are locked, also. She doesn’t like staying home alone, it makes her very nervous.

“Hey Megan, it’s me. Guess what, my mom said you can come and stay while they are out of town for the weekend,” she blurts out as soon as her friend answers the phone. The two girls have been best friends since they were three years old, even though they have some very obvious differences. Rachel is a very quiet and polite girl, while Megan is loud and extremely flirtatious. They differ in looks as well; Rachel is plain with long chestnut brown hair and doesn’t need to ever wear make-up. Rachel has shorter multi colored hair that is always changing and wears lots of eye make-up.

“Really? That’s so awesome! Oh my God, party at your house this weekend! Rachel, it will be epic, the best party ever. We could invite Josh, Brad-“

“Megan, stop. We can’t have a party, and… no boys. I promised my mom.”

“WHAT? Are you serious? Then what are we going to do?”

“Umm, what we always do. Hang out and watch scary movies, or do our nails. We could go to the mall too, my mom left her car here.”

“But… ugh, ok. We are watching what I want to watch then. I hope you are ready to be so scared you pee your pants.”

Rachel wasn’t hearing a word her friend was saying. She was standing in the kitchen, which her mother overly decorated in apples, watching as her neighbor John was staring at her from his kitchen.

“Hello? Earth to Rachel, are you listening to me?”

“Huh? Oh yeah sorry. So, are you coming over or not?”

“Yeah, if you had been listening to me when I was talking, you would know this.”

“Good. Hurry up. You know I hate being alone.”

“Yeah, I know you’re a wimp. I’ll be there in an hour.”

Rachel hangs up her phone and goes back to the window to close the blinds, but John was gone. I’m just over reacting, she thinks.

I know, I will go and watch the episode of One Tree Hill on the DVR, Megan will be here by the time it’s over.

Rachel settles into the overstuffed beige sofa and starts to watch her show. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a shadow in the hallway. Rachel presses pause on the remote and watches the hallway.

It’s just my imagination; I’m the only one here. Stop freaking out, she reassures herself.

She turns her show on and lies down so she can’t see the dimly lit hallway anymore.


“Rachel! HELLO??” Megan yells into the living room window.

Rachel sits up from the couch groggily and looks around. It is now dark outside and the tv is set to the DVR guide.

“Oh my gosh, Megan I’m sorry, I must have fallen asleep watching One Tree Hill. How long have you been out here?” Rachel asks as she opens the front door.

“I don’t know like 5 minutes. Well, at least now you will be able to stay awake when we watch movies.”

Megan comes inside and throws her stuff on the freshly mopped tile and heads straight to the refrigerator.

“Do you have snacks? If not we can go to the store first, my mom gave us money for the weekend.”

“Yeah, my mom bought some food for before she left,” Rachel says as she walks into the kitchen.

“Uh, hey Megan, why’d you open the back door?”

“I didn’t it was like that. I thought maybe you wanted some fresh air,” Megan shrugs and closes the refrigerator door to move to the pantry.

“What? It was like that when you came in? I locked that while I was on the phone with you earlier. I remember because my creepy neighbor was staring at me while I did it."

“Are you sure?”


“Maybe he opened it then,” Megan said looking wide eyed down the hallway at the man staring back at them.


Stop and Smell Some Flowers, or Eat Some Chocolate.

Too many people sit and plan their lives, schedule every breath, pencil in appointments with their kids and live by that plan. I do that a lot. We over schedule our lives. We fill every second of every day. With this mentality we are convinced that our life isn't complete until we reach that big goal, the end result is all that matters. Whether it's our career goal, having the perfect family with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids, or the Ken and Barbie marriage. Whatever that goal is, that is all that matters.

But with that in mind.. you miss all the things that make life worth being here for. You miss the cute smiles, the tasty cookies, beautiful flowers, the clouds shifting and changing shapes and so much more.

This is it, you only get once chance. So take it one minute at a time, don't schedule things that aren't necessary, like dr's appointments, you can't just show up for those. I want to slow down, enjoy my life. I think if I do that then maybe the end goal will be that much sweeter.


The Post About Annoying Grammatical Errors

I totally get it. Some people aren't that good at English, but seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY.

Where was the proper usage of words like Their, There and They're lost? How do you not know when to use the correct spelling?

How about Your and You're? Then and Than? Effect and Affect? Except and Accept? Here and Hear? Yea and Yeah?

I'll break down for you the ones that bother me the most... in case you are one of the people that commonly misuse one of these words.

There, Their and They're; I know those words can be confusing.. really I do. Except (correct usage if you are wondering except is an exception to accept something is to receive a gift for example), I remember learning it this way.

There: to state where something or someone is. Example: "She is over there."
Their: possessive, meaning someone owns something. Example: "That is their house."
They're: Compound of two words THEY and ARE. Example: "They're coming to the game."

It's not that hard, if you think about that fact that it has to make sense. "She is over they are." DOES NOT make sense. Stop and think people.

Your: possessive... again, something you own Example: "This is your book."
You're: Again compound of two words YOU and ARE Example: "You're welcome" (this is a COMMON mistake, that drives me insane. You can't possess welcome. DO NOT SAY YOUR WELCOME. It makes NO sense what so ever.) If you aren't sure which one to use, break it down. "Is that you are car?" Nope doesn't sound right, it must be the other YOUR.

Yea: DOES NOT mean the slang form of yes. It means a yes vote when voting.
Yeah: the slang form of yes (or a lazy yes). Example: "Yeah, I'll go."

Here: location. Example: "They're here." (you like how I did that, don't you? I used two words that are commonly misused in one sentence!)
Hear: it's one of your five senses, when you're listening to something. Example: "Can you hear the music?"

For this one, just remember if you are HEARING a noise with your EAR, add an H to ear. :-)
Another trick like that I remember from grade school was for desert and dessert. You always want a second helping of your dessert but don't want to visit the desert more than once. :-) You don't want to lose the game more than once and add an extra O to make it more loose. They are kinda corny tricks but it helps to remember to spell things correctly.

I think what happened is that over the years people have stopped appreciating the written word. It's so important to use proper spelling and grammar when that is how you are communicating. It bothers me a great deal to see how much people don't care, or are too lazy to take the time to learn.


Another Creative Writing Assignment

So, I had to write my very first short story. We had to incorporate everything that we have learned so far. I have really been enjoying this class, so without further ado...

Here is my short story... please save all criticism til I can handle it, which very well may be never.

My Happiness

Doctor’s offices are always cold, Mary thought as she sits waiting in her son’s pediatrician’s office. She looks around the sunshine yellow room with paintings of happy trees and deer on the walls impatiently. She has been frequenting these offices a lot lately. Bradley caught some kind of virus a couple weeks ago and can’t seem to shake it. Only now it seems like it is getting worse; he started out with just the sniffles and a cough, now he is very weak, pale and extremely tired.

Mary is a single mom with just her one six year old son, Bradley. He is a very active boy, she takes him to soccer practice on Monday and Wednesdays and piano lessons on Thursdays he normally keeps her very busy but lately he hasn’t been doing any of these things. Mary is the librarian at Bradley’s school, it seems as though her life revolves around him, because it does. He is her happiness, the reason she gets up every morning. Without Bradley, there would be no Mary. She has no other family to speak of and very few friends.

Mary goes to help Bradley up on the table as Dr. Robins knocks on the door to enter the exam room.

“Hello again, Bradley, I would say nice to see you but not under these circumstances, huh?” Dr Robins smiles at Mary.

“Hi Dr. Robins,” Bradley whispers as he looks up. His brown hair looks even darker against his powder white skin. He has dark circles under his once bright blue eyes, but they have lost their sparkle since he has become so sick.

“How are we doing? Still not feeling any better?

“No, not yet, we are hoping you can help with that. Aren’t we, Bradley?”

“Yes, Momma,” Bradley whimpers again.

“Alright, well let’s take a look. Why don’t you lift up your shirt so I can hear that chest and heart,” Dr. Robins says as he puts his stethoscope in his ears.

Bradley lifts his shirt and reveals a dark purple bruise on his ribs the size of a grapefruit.

Dr. Robins looks at Mary,

“How long has he had that bruise? Do you know where he got it?”

Stunned by the bruise Mary shakes her head.

“I don’t know, it wasn’t there this morning.”

“Have you noticed any other bruises appearing?”

“Just one on his leg, he hit his shin on the coffee table the other day. I didn’t think it was that hard until I saw the bruise later that night.”

Dr. Robins lifted Bradley’s pant leg to expose the now greenish yellow bruise on his leg. He put his pant leg back down and walked over to the counter and started scribbling in Bradley’s file.

“Mary, I want to have some blood tests done, do you think you could take him over to the lab today and have those done for me?”

“Of course, is everything ok? Will this tell you why he has been so sick? Do the bruises have something to do with it?”

“I want to check his white blood cell count. I won’t know anything more until I get the results back. Head over there right now, and Mary, don’t worry.”

Mary sat in her dimly lit living room watching her son sleep on their old sagging sofa. She spent a lot of time doing that these days, as she anxiously waits to hear back from Dr. Robins with the test results. It has been two days since they took his blood; she thought for sure she would hear something by now. What worries her more is that Bradley still wasn’t feeling any better. If anything, he’s getting worse. He has been complaining of a stomach ache and won’t eat.

As Mary started to doze off in the rocking chair that she used to rock Bradley asleep in the phone rang.


“Hi, can I please speak to Mary Thomas?”

“Yes, this is her.”

“Hi Mary, this is Jessica calling from Dr. Robins office. We have received the test results for Bradley, Dr. Robins would like to see you in his office, would tomorrow morning be ok?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

He wants to see us in his office right away, this can’t be good, Mary thought as she put the phone down. She looked over at Bradley sleeping so peacefully and started to cry. He is everything to her and all she wants is for him to be ok. She can remember sitting in this chair when he was a baby singing and rocking him to sleep, and now she feels so helpless that she can’t do anything when he needs her the most.

Another cold brightly painted room, only this time it’s blue with jungle animals on the wall. Mary and Bradley didn’t have to wait long before the knock on the door came. Dr. Robins came in looking as crisp as always in his white coat and blue tie.

“Good morning. How are you feeling today, Bradley?”

“Tired,” Bradley said.

“I have the results of the blood work, Mary; do you think we could speak privately? I can have Nurse Jessica take Bradley to get a sucker and a sticker, if that is ok with you?”

“Of course,” Mary smiles at Bradley to let him know its ok.

As Bradley leaves the room Dr. Robins sits in his stool and opens Bradley’s file.

“Mary, I’m afraid we have some not so good news. Bradley has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is a cancer of the blood. I’m going to refer you to the best pediatric oncologist, but I feel like we caught this early enough and that treatment will be more than likely successful.”

Mary slouched into the stool next her and started to cry.

My baby has cancer; she thought to herself and put her head in her lap.

“I will take him where ever I need to, please give me the referral. He needs to get better, he has to be ok.”

“He will,” Dr. Robins assured her.

Well, that was it. 1000 words from me. Again, this was my first short story, hopefully over time they will get better. :-)


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

So far I have really enjoyed my creative writing class. I have only done 2 assignments but I'm liking it.

We are supposed to keep a writer's notebook and write down converstations we over hear, things we think about, a song lyric you like, a list of things you think of, pretty much anything that sparks you. You might not use it now but later it could come in handy. I have been trying to do this. One of our writer's notebook assignments was to write a list of things in a woman's purse. I don't know if any of you have seen the size of my purse or the contents in it.. but I don't think they would be considered the regular conents of a woman's purse. lol I have just about everything you can think of in my purse on any given day. However it was a good exercise to get the brain moving.

October is finally here! I can't wait to get decorating for Halloween. This is by far my favorite time of year. I love fall.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. I just wish I lived somewhere that had enough trees to turn colors and see leaves actually fall from trees. I know one day I will, when is the question.

So, Monster is doing the TBall thing. He had his first game on Saturday it was so fun! The kids were adorable and he had a blast. His actual words were, "Mommy, this was the best morning of my life!" Kids are so cute.

I have lost almost 20lbs.. I'm so close I can almost taste it. I want to work out so bad to get to that 20lbs, but I have a horrendous chest cold that is preventing me from walking from my couch to the bathroom without coughing. I really don't think that the treadmill or Jillian "the bitch" Michaels would be good for it either. I have a dr's appointment on Wednesday so I'm hoping to be back in work out shape by Monday! It's on, look out 20lbs I'm coming for you!

In 1 month and 3 days I will have been married for a year... :-)

Other than that.. life has been pretty normal. Hope you are all having a good week. Happy October!


The Assignment

I have completed my first creative writting assignment. A week late, but due to the arguing wtih the book store and financial aid I got my books about a week late. So, basically, to me.. I am right on track!

Our assignment was to retell something that happend to us from our childhood that changed us in 500 words, using concrete detail to help the readier visualize what  you are telling. I'm not sure how this changed me, but it is something I remember from my childhood. Of course I probably embelished somethings, and added things or omitted things to make it more interesting. But here you go.

The thing from my childhood that I picked was when my sister was bit by our dog. I dreamt that I wrote about this last night. No joke. I woke up and could remember this paper almost word for word. So, I got up and wrote it all down. Then as I was reading it back to Kyle later I started crying. I don't know why it was strange. But, anyway.

Assignment 1.

I remember sitting in the dimly lit kitchen drawing at the table. My mom had gone to the store for ice cream, so it was just the three of us; my dad, sister and I. My dad was lying on the couch in the dark watching “This Old House”, again. He watched that show so much it had become background noise in our home.

He looked at me and asked, “Where’s Jessi?” Jessi was my two year old sister. “I don’t know”, I replied as I went back to my masterpiece at hand. My dad yelled for her from his worn in spot on the couch, “Jessica!” I looked up to see where she was going to come waddling in from, and nothing. My dad started to get up from his favorite show and I looked in the backyard. There she was happily galloping in the backyard wearing only her diaper.

Jessi wasn’t allowed to be back there without an adult. We had two dogs that weren’t very fond of her. A black and white Great Dane that was horse-like in size, named Tobias and a fluffy black Cocker Spaniel that we called Lacey. We bought the two dogs as puppies when I was about four. They were always great with me. But, Jessi came into the picture later and neither dog had ever been around a terrible two year old.

At the moment Tobias and Lacey weren’t bothered by her squealing giggles as she ran laps around the perimeter of their yard.

I looked at my dad, “she’s in the backyard.” He Jumped to his feet and ran to the door. I had never seen my dad look so scared. As he went out the door Tobias looked up and saw the happy girl running around. My dad got to her first and picked her up to bring her back inside. When Tobias caught up he jumped and latched onto Jessi’s tiny leg. He had her entire calf in his mouth. Jessi started to wail and I stood at the door in complete shock.

I could hear my dad calling my name, “Kassie! Kassie, I need your help.” He was trying to pry the dog’s mouth open to free my sister’s leg. I could see the blood running down his hands and outlining Tobias’s mouth like bright red lipstick on his white fur.

As he freed her leg he handed her to me, “Take her straight to the car and put her in her seat, and be careful.” I carried her into the house like she was a piece of broken glass, careful to not touch or even look at her leg. I got her buckled in and took my spot next to her in the car and waited. She had stopped crying and was sitting quietly. It was then that I finally looked at her wound. Her leg was open and I could see all the muscles moving and twitching like a bowl of worms. My dad calmly got in car and brought me a towel to wrap around her little leg. “We are going to the store to get your mom, then to the hospital.”


School, T-Ball and Pants that Fall Down.

I am enrolled in introduction to creative writing and psychology 240. Classes start September 13th. Woo Hoo... no freakin' math!! :-)

I'm excited to take both of these classes. I enjoyed psych 101 when I took it and did really good in it too. Let's hope that it's just as good taking it online.

Since, my feet are feeling better I am officially back on the work out train. I have to whip my butt in gear by October something or other for the 5k that I am doing with pretty much everyone now. It started out as something small and now I think there are like 5 other people doing it. I would feel really bad if I couldn't do it now, after getting everyone else involved. I'm sure I will be fine. I just have to seriously kick some butt. I shred last night for the first time in awhile.. and OMG. I'm sore today... but it feels good. I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and it's fabulous. Hopefully the scale will start going down agian and I will really start feeling good again. Luckily over the last month and a half hiatus I took I haven't gained anything. But, this last week... well, let's just not talk about the last week. It involved chocolate and ice cream, a whopper, french fries and some other wonderful foods that I am not eating again. I did however make some cookies that were on the WW website. I don't recommend them. They were more like chocolate chip muffins. Pretty disappointing. Especially when I was hoping for gooey chocolate chip cookies. But, I guess coming off of a diet website that was some pretty unrealistic expectations.

Monster is going to be doing Little League T-Ball coming up in September. We are really excited aobut that. I think it will be really good for him to be involved in something with other kids. I worry about his serious video game obsession. It can't be good for a kid his age to be so involved with video games and tv. Shoot, maybe Kyle and I will make some friends that have kids. It's kinda strange being the only one's with kids. Most people just don't understand what it's like. We can't go out to the bar every weekend, or hardly any weekends to be more realistic. I don't remember the last time we had a date night. It seems like whenever he isn't working and we have a babysitter it's for something. Someone's birthday party, or some sort of event involving other people. haha... and we want another one. I sound pretty ridiculous. I'm complaining about not having any us time because we have 1 kid and no babysitters.. and I want more. I guess it really isn't that bad at all. I'm just feeling whiney.

I must go and exercise my butt off now. I want all of my clothes to be too big. :-)


Friends and all that stuff

Friendship. A word known by everyone, experienced by  most.


1. the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person's friendship.
2. a friendly relation or intimacy.
3. friendly feeling or disposition.

via: dictionary.com

I have been thinking about my friends, and friendships that I have, previously had or wish were still the same. I think as a girl it is harder to keep and make friends. I know people who are still close to friends that they had in school and it seems strange to me. Most of the friends I had in school have changed so much that I don't really even want to associate with them anymore. Crap, there are people that were in my wedding 10 months ago that I don't want to be friends with anymore. Maybe, it's just me. I don't know.

I just want friends that are good people. Think about others more than themselves. Maybe have a few good morals and values. I have seen quotes about how friendship isn't about being inseperable, it's about being and nothing changes. This is true. So true. I'm not the kind of person who can be around someone all the time. I need my space. I need time for me. I don't want to have to worry about my friend being upset because I didn't text or call them that day. I'm  just not that kind of girl. I don't even talk to my own mom everyday. I probably wouldn't talk to Kyle everday if we didn't live together.

I don't have anything profound to say about friendship.. or particularly moving. It was just something I have been thinking about. And, looking at my wedding pictures today made me miss some friendships that I used to have. I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason. We had the friendship we had to learn from each other. Once that purpose was served you move on. But, that doesn't mean you can't miss it.

I do have a couple really close friends that I would be lost without. I am a social person 80% of the time. I like going out with a group of friends and having a good time. I think it is important to have friends in your life. They help you to be the best version of you that you can be. I truely believe this.

I love the girls that are in my life and I am thankful for them everyday.

I do believe that I have the best group of girl friends that any girl can have. I know I can call any of them at any moment with a problem and they would be there for me, no matter what. They dealt with me as bridezilla, that was the true test of friendship.

I love you ladies. :-)

And yes,  you would be correct in assuming we were at least 99% intoxicated in all 3 of these pictures.


I'm a Complete Slacker

Or.. maybe I'm not. So, I finished my classes and planned to take a month off from school. Surprise! I'm not. I will be taking a creative writing class starting September 7th. I'm actually kind of excited for this. I really think it will be fun and will help me to become a better writer. Which I definitely could afford to be!

One thing I have failed to mention on here, mostly because I think it is so gross, is that I have planters warts .. on my feet (mine aren't that bad, but still look diseased). Yeah, ouch, gross, disgusting and repulsive. I had to go to the Dr. today for treatment number 3 out of 6 and all I can think about is the fact that my foot hurts so bad. Which is why I am brining it up. Becuase, ow I can barely walk and it sucks that I can't go swimming with everyone else later. Yes, they are contagious. :-( I am way bummed.

I am down 17lbs! Awesome right?!?! Maybe you are sick of hearing about how much weight I have lost... but too bad! I am super de duper proud of myself. I can wear jeans I haven't worn in a really long time.I'm happy!

The last thing to update on is that we got rid of Z. I wish it was under better circumstances, but it was something that we had to do. For the safety of our other pets and selves. Bella and Zephyr got into a very nasty fight on Tuesday night. It was just Monster and I here when it happened. It was very scarey for both of us. Bella got hurt pretty bad and I had to take her to the emergency animal hospital to get her stitched up. When we got home Kyle called animal control to come and get Z. He was a very big part of our family for over a year and it was sad to see him go. We had done all we could for him, he listened better than he did when we got him but his anger and temper had only got worse. Z will be missed, but not the crazy angry Z. The lovable Z that would come and lay his head in my lap because he wanted me to pet him.



the one with random stuff that doesn't go together at all.

School is almost done. I have my finals tomorrow and Saturday. Then, I am taking a month off of school. I am thinking I wanna take english next semester and maybe a creative writting course. I'm really considering doing an english major.

I have lost 15.5lbs so far. Which I feel is a GIGANTIC accomplishment. I haven't worked out as much as I would like to lately, due to the most painful planters warts in the history of the world. But, I am going to get back on that ASAP! I have to continue training for the 5k in October. This is really setting me back.

Monster started 1st grade this week. He is really liking his new school. I'm glad, since he was REALLY bummed that he had to change schools. I know he is a friendly kid and will make tons of friends in no time. But, then again, I also know what it's like to change schools a lot. It's hard. I hated it. I think he is ok for now. I just don't want him to have to change again anytime soon.

So, I think that's all I have for tonight.

However, I have been thinking about doing this. I might do it when my wonderful husband gets me my new camera for Christmas. and do 365 days starting on Christmas. I thought is seemed pretty cool. :-)


Of the Parenting Kind.

It seems like I am at the age where everyone is having kids or already has kids. With this comes so many different parenting styles. I have witnessed the over bearing, sanitize everything the baby touches parents to the "eh, a little dirt don't hurt". When in reality the binki probably just rolled in dog poo, but no biggie right? I'd like to think that I was somewhere in the middle. Somewhere in the I love my child enough to worry but not freak out style. Maybe I freaked out, a little? I don't really remember. That was a very stressful time. I think I missed a lot of Monster's good times. I look at pictures and can remember, but I wish I would have been more present. Less worried about what I was going to do to make my relationship work. More worried about documenting every smile, laugh and tear that graced his beautiful face. I wish I could have those years engraved in my brain. I guess that's part of the problem with being such a young mother. I wasn't done growing up myself.

We want to have a baby. I want to have a baby so badly I think it hurts at times. Maybe that is why I'm not getting pregnant. I need to just relax and wait for it to happen.

If I don't, I will still be beyond blessed with the monster that I do have. Being able to love such an amazing little boy is enough for me. He truely is amazing. He is so loving and sweet, the poor boy wears his heart on his sleeve 24 hours a day. I'm worried about him as he gets older. How sensitive he is & how intune to my emotions he is. We all know I am an emotional nutcase. I just don't ever want him to worry that I am pinning my happiness on him, because I'm not. That is a lot for such a young boy to carry. I want him to feel free to be who he is and go where his heart takes him knowing that I will always be here and will always love him. Being a mom is so much harder than I ever imagined.

As I get older I am realizing so much more about me, my strengths & weaknesses. More about being a mom, more about being a woman, and just more in general.

One day I hope to have it all under control. But for now, I just want to enjoy the ride.


The Spiraling Pool of Nonsense that is My Brain

There are so many things that go on in my head. I think constantly. Non Stop. It drives me insane at times. I have a problem with putting it verbally in words.. or sometimes in words at all.

So here I go.. it might not make a lot of sense. Or sense at all.

I guess somewhere along the lines of 16 and 27 I never realized I was growing up. In a lot of ways I don't feel any different. Is this a problem? I guess it could be depending on how you look at it. I always think, "I don't have to worry about that right now. I have so much time left." That's why when I sit and think about how old I am and that really I'm not much different than I was, career wise,  when I graduated high school ,that it freaks me out a bit. I feel like so many of my friends from high school have become real adults. And, here I am playing house. I remember when I was in elementary school playing "teenagers" with one of my friends. It reminds me a lot of my life right now, except I am in charge of raising a kid. But, then when I think about it more I'm like "Why am I freaking out? I'm only 27!" I don't know. There are so many things that stress me out, I wonder how relevant any of it is.

I never know what emotions I feel. I often wonder if I'm actually feeling anything at all, or if I think, "This is how I'm supposed to feel. So, maybe I should say that's what I am feeling." Am I the only person that is like this? Is this normal? What is normal? Here I am again. Not knowing how to translate what's in my head through my fingers. Or, to anything.

What's a real wife or woman supposed to be like? I see so many woman that I truly admire and wonder if I could ever be like them. They seem so put together and competent. And, I feel like I am a fish out of water just flopping around doing what I think I am supposed to do. Or, sometimes not even what I think I'm supposed to do, because I am sick of doing that. I am always wondering what other people are thinking about me.We had Kyle's brother and his wife over for dinner last night. And, honest to God, I stressed about making dinner just right. Doing dishes as soon as we were done eating, just so they thought I was a good wife to him. I really worry that much. That can't be normal. Why does it matter to me so much what other people think? Why does it bother me so much that it bothers me?

I have ran across some random blogs that I now read a lot. It really inspires me to go after my dream of writing. I love to write, I love to read, I love words. I don't know if I could ever do it. I get scared of failing and not being able to do something. Maybe that's another reason why I have never finished school for anything, and why I don't pursue anything more than the job I am in. But, I want to write. I feel like if I actually tried I could probably be good at it. What would I write? I have no freakin' clue. I don't have an interesting life or anything that would really draw much attention. But, I could find something I am sure.

I warned you that it probably wouldn't make sense. And, yet I still don't feel like I have said everything that is on my mind. But, I don't know how to say what's in there. I'm still thinking. Still feeling like something is bothering me, but I don't know what it is. I am restless lately. I have this nagging feeling that something is gonna happen, or should happen, or maybe has already happened? I don't know. Just something. Maybe I need a change? Something isn't right, somewhere.

I know one thing that is really bugging me lately. I know entirely too many people that should not procreate that are. I probably know 5 people that are pregnant right now. None of which should be allowed to raise children. I don't get it. How can it be possible that people who shouldn't be having babies, are the only ones that are? It is not looking good for future generations, at all.

I guess I could close this out now. Kyle will be home from work soon.


Its been awhile.. and I think I'm more crazy than ever.

Yes, I know... it has been like 5 billion weeks since I have posted anything. But, seriously I have lost my mind and should be comitted. On the plus side, I leave for San Antonio in 3 days and I am officially on vacation since 2:56pm today. So, maybe by the time I get back from vacation some of my sanity will be restored. :-)

My weight loss has been going pretty good. Almost to 8lbs. Which I might add is a pretty big feat for myself. I am running every other day and doing the shred in between (most days anyway. We won't discuss this week, insanity remember?).

School is another subject that should be omitted in the update. Just putting it out there.

I have realized that my poor son is just as clumsy as I am. He is hopeless in this matter. :-(

So, other than that... everything is pretty normal.


A Whole Lot of Nonsense Crammed Into 1 Post

So, we are getting close to 2 months of dieting and kicking my ass working out. What have I accomplished? I have made it to level 2 of Jillian "the bitch" Michael's 30 day shred, and I have lost (drum roll please) 6 lbs!! Which isn't much... but OMG the inches that are coming off make me a happy happy girl. I have been doing so good with sticking with my daily points and not using my weeklies except on my 1 cheat day a week. Last night Kyle and I got NYPD pizza & wings for dinner.. WOW. SO GOOD! I love living over here. We are close to all kinds of good stuff!! I'm really proud of myself for sticking this out this time around. I recently discovered that on WW they have a community with message boards and all kinds of fun stuff. So, that is awesome. It helps to see how much everyone else is struggling also (and it isn't just me), the encouragement of everyone on there is really awesome. I have never gone to a meeting, I don't know if I could. I am so shy that it could honestly scar me. I know you are all like... what shy?!?! Yes, honestly I am. I can't even play charades infront of people!! I may speak my mind once I am comfortable around ya, but get up and do something completely alone.. now that will make me pee my pants in an instant.

We are very close to vacation time. :-) I'm gettin excited. It's time to book our hotel in San Antonio and start planning everything. The only bummer is that homework will unfortunately invade my vacation. That sucks total ass... but oh well.. the price we pay right?

Speaking of homework... I should seriously be working on my art history paper.. this thing has been plaguing me for like 3 weeks now. You would totally thing that since I have know about it since the start of the semester I wouldn't have waited til 4 hours before it is due to work on it, right? Wrong.. if you honestly thought that you don't know me at all!! I am the QUEEN of procrastination!! It is in my blood... ask my mom!! So, here I am.. about to BS my way through yet another Art History paper and pray I do as good as I did the last time through. I'm sure I will be fine. I could think of some really good excuses as for why I am waiting til the last second, for example, Math is super duper hard (no joke, really it is) and I have been focusing on that. But really I haven't, I will be cramming that in tomorrow before Carl's birthday party. I just suck. Altogehter suck. I procrastinate, the sooner you comes to terms with that the better we all will be. :-)

I must attempt to go and BS my way through my paper now.. seriously I'm going to try.

I will leave you with some pretty amazing pictures of Monster's birthday party!

This is the FABULOUS cupcake stand that my sister and I worked our butts off to make!

He can't smile... really I believe that.
OMG.. he's 6... :-(

Happy Birthday Monster

Dear Monster,

On this very day 6 years ago you came into my life. I didn't know it then but I needed you as much as you needed me. You have changed my life in ways I don't think you could ever  understand. You have made me a happier person. Everyday that I get to see your smile or hear you laugh is an amazing day.

Thank you.

The luckiest mommy ever.

Looking oh so cool on his new bike.

I love you Monster


I'm going to try to update more, I promise!

well.. I figured out how to change my background. I like it! :-)

Things have been a bit hectic the last week or so... with work and school... and Monster's last week of school. Please excuse me while I go cry because my baby is now a 1st grader. I know... he is getting so big. I can still remember holding him and loving on him when he was a itty bitty baby. :-(

And now... he looks like this....

It's just not fair... I want him to stay a little itty bitty baby forever.

I absolutely adore the new computer. I feel like we are apart of the real adult world again. We have a computer that is amazing and we aren't stealing our Internet connection from someone else!! Woo hoo!! Look Mom, we are grown ups! :-)

I have a lot coming up... Monster's birthday party being the biggest on my plate. We are doing a simple Peter Piper party... when I say simple.. I don't mean simple. lol It's going to be crazy and hectic. But we will get through it and be completely exhausted at the end.. We got some amazing Super Mario party decorations!! They are awesome.. he is going to flip when he sees them. No, we haven't let him see them  yet, I want it to be a surprise. Evil Mommy, I know.

You can see them here!! (Yes, I am LOVING all my new options that I am getting by blogging from a real computer and NOT my phone. :-))

I am doing AMAZING with my weight watchers. I realized today that soon I'm going to have to buy new clothes for work. The capri pants that I practically live in, are about to start falling off of me. I can seriously pull them down with out unbuttoning them. TMI? lol So, if anyone would like to get me some work clothes I would LOVE this cute outfit. I'm not sure  how I would look in it...but I am fond of it from here.lol Did anyone else know that Lane Bryant sold shoes? Because I didn't and I am in LOVE with these. I might have to go get them!

Well, I am off to go and see Shrek the Final Chapter with my 2 favorite boys. I will leave you with this picture so you can truely understand why I love them so. :-)

Notice that Kyle is completely ignoring me.. lol


A new computer!

Check me out! I'm blogging from a real computer with real capabilities of making this a pretty good blog.

At least if I had time I would. I am going to be making this short.. just a quick update.

Shredding is kicking my ass.. but it is working. I have definitely lost inches.. and a full 3lbs. YAY!! Go me... and I am getting muscles in my legs. Who would have thought?

School started, I'm in my 2nd week. Not too bad. Speaking of I should be writting my paper. I have family coming over and my house is a wreck.

So, until I get the chance to update again. Have a good day!


Shred it Baby!

I was feeling a bit insane today when workout time came around. I decided I would give Jillian Michaels 30 day shred a try. OMG, insane isn't even a fair word for it. My legs were shaking and I looked like I was just hosed down from head to toe. Who would have thought 20 mins could be so hard?

So, I bought the dvd as soon as I was done. Lol my new goal for May? Shred every day for 30 days! Let's do it! I know you will hear about how sore I am, and how I don't want to do it, but just tell me to shut up and at the end I will be glad I did it.

Here we go!


April In A Nutshell

Holy cow, it's already May! I can't believe it.

So, for my April to do list I got 3 out of 5 things accomplished. (waiting for applause.....)

1. I got a Wii fit! (thanks again to my awesome family)
2. Started Weight Watchers. I started it last week & have done pretty good. 2.5lbs down.... only 77.5 more to go! :-)
3. Date night! We had date night last Saturday. It was good to relax and spend time with Kyle.

April was a good month. My birthday, Easter, I got back in school, it was the 3 year mark since Kyle & I moved in together and quite a bit of family time. I got myself organized to start my weight loss off right and it actually worked!

May is so far looking to be a good month too. It will start with Monster's end of the year performance. I can't believe he will be a first grader! That is insane. My financial aid will be coming, woo hoo new computer! I will be starting my classes, yes I am looking forward to that. I like school, I'm a total nerd. Planning Monster's 6th birthday party. And, of course Mother's day. I'm looking forward to the struggle of keeping up with my weight loss and getting closer to my goal!

Woo hoo time to make a new to do list.


All We Can Do Is Our Best

We have a black lab that we really need to find a new home for. We have had him for about a year now. He came from a disgusting rescue house, my friend was taking him back because she couldn't handle him, and I couldn't let him go back there. It was dirty, there were flies everywhere and I felt bad. So, I talked to Kyle and brought him home.

Z is a terror. He is extremely hyper and vocal. He has torn up and ate the drip system in the backyard. Yes, ATE as in consumed. He torments the other dogs and drives me absolutely insane.

What's the issue with getting rid of him you ask? Why is he still here? Because I feel horrible getting rid of him. I'm afraid he's going to go to a home that will treat him bad.

I don't know what to do. I feel like we have done all we can do for him. It's a sad feeling.


It's Been Awhile

With Easter, my dreaded birthday (that turned out being pretty good thanks to my awesome family & amazing husband), being sick & hectic life, I have completely forgot about blogging. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

So, we'll start with Easter. It was nice. Kyle wasn't feeling good so he didn't go to work. Monster is getting a little older so we were able to make his egg hunting a little bit more difficult. We went to my Mom's for dinner and had a birthday celebration all in one. My awesome family got me a Wii Fit! Which I adore, thank you monks and everyone else!

My birthday was good. My desk at work was decorative which made the day feel special. Complete with flowers and chocolates! Kyle brought me lunch and a new cd. Then I came home made Tacos for the monster and I & watched dvr'd episodes of Nurse Jackie & US of Tara. I took Wednesday off to celebrate with Kyle. We went to see Repomen & had lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory. Delicious! We were also semi celebrating our 5 month wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has already been THAT long. So, we decided that on the 7th of every month we are going back to The Cheese Cake Factory to try a different kind of cheese cake. At least until our 1 year. I don't think I have told you about Kyle's deep love for cheese cake. I'm pretty sure he would divorce me to marry it if it was legal.

I have also recently enrolled for online classes. I really enjoy school. So, once again I'm going back. That made me think of the song at the beginning of Grease 2. Ha ha, now I want to watch it. Anyway, back to school (ha Ja I'm totally singing that in my head everytime I type it), I'm taking prerequisites for the nursing program. But I have also been thinking about going further in English and writing. It has always been something I enjoy and have been pretty good at. I guess we'll see how it goes.

But, with the financial aid we will be able to get a new computer! I'm totally excited. It's going to take 4-6 weeks for the award to go through, which I really don't understand. I was approved in April of last year! That's the government for you. My first class statred on Monday and the next on May 12th. I'll be going to my Mom's to do the work. So, if anyone wants to buy my computer now, I'll pay you back in 4-6 weeks. No really, I'm serious. :-)

We got a new dog last Sunday. Her name is Bella. She is 2 years old and is a mix between an American Bulldog and Boxer. She is beautiful and very active. Although, if you saw her curled up snoring right now you would call me a liar. Kyle told me he wants to eventually have a dog rescue. My first reaction was "Absolutely not! OMG all that dog hair, are you CRAZY?" Then the more I thought about, it wouldn't be a bad idea WAY later in life, when we have a bigger house with a BIG backyard with enough room to have rescue dogs. My problem would be getting attached and not wanting to give them up.

And, finally the best part of all. We get to vacation in July!!! Kyle's work had to close down for 12 days. So, I took the 2nd week of July off and we are going on a real vacation. We will be driving to Houston to see Kyle's sister's new house. But, we are stopping on the way in San Antonio to go to Sea World and The Alamo. We are very excited. Not only for our vacation but 10 days of no work! OMG!!

I guess that covers everything... oh wait! We finally got Monster's rooms unpacked. Yes, he has 2 rooms, don't judge. He's an only child with entirely too many toys. And, we are happy with that. Unless we are unpacking them, then we are cursing the fact that he has so many.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend I'm gonna go play my Wii Fit!


Who Needs A Title For This? Not Me.

I always find Saturday afternoons to be my favorite part of my week. There is still plenty of time ahead before the dreaded Monday and I have already accomplished something with my weekend, or at least this weekend I have.

I have realized a lot this past week that I have really been struggling with lately. I'm not sure what route I'm headed with this or how to map it all out for you, so hang in there this might get a little bumpy and all over the place.

With my looming birthday I have realized that getting older is becoming an issue for me. I know I'm still considered young, but I feel like I'm getting too old to be unsure of what I want to do. I know, I'm not even 30 yet, blah blah blah blah. But, still! I seriously feel like I should be somewhere by now. I had a plan when I was younger, but somewhere along the years of rebelling and moving in with my then boyfriend, getting pregnant, moving home, moving out, moving home, then out and so forth I lost sight of my plan. I know it's my fault, so it's time to fix it. Hopefully, by Monday, I will be on a good path in the right direction.

On to my next realization. I hate Kyle's schedule. Hate, hate,hate... did I say I hate it? I spend a lot of time with Monster which is awesome, but not enough adult time. With this pure hatred for his schedule it has made me irritable with Kyle. I know full well that it isn't his fault. Which then makes me feel guilty for being irritated with Kyle. It's a horrible cycle. It isn't like we aren't used to not seeing each other. That has been our relationship from the start. We have pretty much always worked opposite schedules. So, why the new irritation with it? I guess I'm just starting to feel like enough is enough. I want a life. I want to do things with our friends, have date nights, see each other more than 2 nights a week and a couple hours over the weekend. Who knows when this will change. Sooner rather than later I hope.

I feel like I'm whining. But, dang it, this is my blog and I will whine if I want to. In spirit of whining, on to my next subject;

My weight loss struggle.

It feels like my weight has always been something I have fought with. There was a period of time in high school where looking back now I was a good healthy weight. But, to ask me then I thought I was fat. And then right before I got pregnant I was at a decent size, but again I thought I was fat. Fast forward to now, I'm relatively 100lbs heavier than I was then. Maybe even more. I have always struggled with this. It is depressing and hard to deal with. My fault? Absolutely. I don't have a medical condition that causes it. Unless laziness is a medical condition. I was doing really well with weight watchers last year. But, I found some excuse for why I had to stop, like I always do. I'm notorious for excuses. You would think that my repulsion for myself would push me harder, but it doesn't.

I'm going to start it again. I'm going to do this. I have been told it gets harder to lose the weight the older you get. I need to lose it, before it turns into a medical problem. There will be excuses, I know it. But, I need to. To not only be healthy, but because I don't want to look at myself in the mirror anymore. Because, seeing what I looked like on my wedding day grossed me out. Because, I'm INSANELY insecure. Because if I don't now I might always be this way. And I'm not ok with that.

Now with all this being said it might seem like I'm having a pitty party or think my life is so hard. I don't. I know I'm better off than a lot of other people. I know just how lucky I am. I'm just unusually depressed at the moment.

Well call me Betty Downer. If you actually made it this far into this I commend you and wish I had some sort of prize for you. Until next time, Have a great day and Happy Easter to you!


It Could Be Worse

As much as I hate to admitt it, My name is Kassie and I'm a tv junkie. I would love to be able to say I spend my nights being the only adult (the husband works nights) by reading w/monster, doing crafty projects or taking him to the park. But let's be realistic here when Life Unexpected, Dancing with the Stars, Vampire Diaries or America's Next Top Model are on, you will find me right infront of the tv. Yes, I have a dvr, we wouldn't survive with out it. But we all know you can only record 2 shows at once.

My guilty tv pleasure is Dancing with the Stars. I'm not sure how I feel about the cast yet this season. I can tell you that I totally am loving The Bachelore's Jake dancing with Chelsea Hightower. I hope he falls for her and ditches that skank that won The Bachelor. I can't think of her name to save my life. She's always been a slew of vulgar and very unlady like words to me.

I'm also totally psyched for season 2 of both Nurse Jackie and US of Tara. Mondays are great tv nights!

I really wish I could be one of those Mom's that was Mary Poppins-esk. But I'm not, and I'm coming to terms with that. Maybe when he's older I'll be looked at as the cool mom. Eh, probably not, I'm still a book worm. I'm probably always gonna be a dork. But, at least i'm not shiney vest glee club dorky, yes that's my husband I'm referring too. Ha ha, love you honey!

I'm going to go watch Dancing With The Stars now



I'm not very good at keeping to a schedule, but not having one throws me into a panic attack. It doesn't make sense, I know. So, with this in mind I have thought maybe I will start doing a monthly goals list. Nothing to hard to accomplish (I don't want to discourage myself), just some stuff I know I need to do. Like clean out my car... Omg is that thing gross and scarey. We might put that on next month's list. Did I mention I'm also really good at procrastinating?

So; here's my thought... I can create my to-do list on here, that way when I actually accomplish something I can cross it off. I love the feeling that I have actually accomplished something. So, maybe getting to cross things off the list will help me to actually do them.

Ooo, thought! I can also make a list of things we want to do with the house. I'm really digging this list idea. It might help with my procrastination problem!

When we were at Michael's earlier this week I decided I want to try to be more crafty. It's not that I'm not good at it, it's that I get bored. So, while we were there I decided I wanted to paint monster's name with those wooden letters. I actually went and bought the stuff yesterday! Now, today I'm going to paint them. I'll post a picture later.

Maybe I'll clean out my car too. But, let's not get to crazy. :-)


My First Blog & Blog Site!

So, I have been reading other blogs for a few years, and I have always thoght to myself "I can do that!" Well, here I am, doing that. It's a work in progress. I'm learning as I go. So, bare with me if it seems a little amature. Because, it is.

I don't really have a theme or anything in particular I plan to write about. Just mainly the crazy things that goes on, or whatever seems to be on my mind that day. I'm excited and can't wait to get started.

So, here's an overview of me and my life. I'm married, for almost 5 months now, and we still like each other! That's a pretty big accomplishment I think. I have a son who is 5, he is the one thing I'm really proud of. He is a sweetheart and so smart. I'm not sure how that happened. My husband, Kyle, and I are hoping to have a baby soon. I guess we'll see what happens. I'm actually a beauty school drop out. I gave it a try and realized I didn't like digging through people's heads. Not to mention cutting a skullet isn't as fun as it sounds. So, now I'm back to trying to figure out what to do as an adult. I have a job that isn't completely horrible. But, I don't want to work in a cubical forever. So, that's me in a nutshell.

I hope you stick around and read about our crazy adventures, or probably more like not so crazy and not that adventurous. Entertaining though!