School, T-Ball and Pants that Fall Down.

I am enrolled in introduction to creative writing and psychology 240. Classes start September 13th. Woo Hoo... no freakin' math!! :-)

I'm excited to take both of these classes. I enjoyed psych 101 when I took it and did really good in it too. Let's hope that it's just as good taking it online.

Since, my feet are feeling better I am officially back on the work out train. I have to whip my butt in gear by October something or other for the 5k that I am doing with pretty much everyone now. It started out as something small and now I think there are like 5 other people doing it. I would feel really bad if I couldn't do it now, after getting everyone else involved. I'm sure I will be fine. I just have to seriously kick some butt. I shred last night for the first time in awhile.. and OMG. I'm sore today... but it feels good. I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and it's fabulous. Hopefully the scale will start going down agian and I will really start feeling good again. Luckily over the last month and a half hiatus I took I haven't gained anything. But, this last week... well, let's just not talk about the last week. It involved chocolate and ice cream, a whopper, french fries and some other wonderful foods that I am not eating again. I did however make some cookies that were on the WW website. I don't recommend them. They were more like chocolate chip muffins. Pretty disappointing. Especially when I was hoping for gooey chocolate chip cookies. But, I guess coming off of a diet website that was some pretty unrealistic expectations.

Monster is going to be doing Little League T-Ball coming up in September. We are really excited aobut that. I think it will be really good for him to be involved in something with other kids. I worry about his serious video game obsession. It can't be good for a kid his age to be so involved with video games and tv. Shoot, maybe Kyle and I will make some friends that have kids. It's kinda strange being the only one's with kids. Most people just don't understand what it's like. We can't go out to the bar every weekend, or hardly any weekends to be more realistic. I don't remember the last time we had a date night. It seems like whenever he isn't working and we have a babysitter it's for something. Someone's birthday party, or some sort of event involving other people. haha... and we want another one. I sound pretty ridiculous. I'm complaining about not having any us time because we have 1 kid and no babysitters.. and I want more. I guess it really isn't that bad at all. I'm just feeling whiney.

I must go and exercise my butt off now. I want all of my clothes to be too big. :-)

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