I'm a Complete Slacker

Or.. maybe I'm not. So, I finished my classes and planned to take a month off from school. Surprise! I'm not. I will be taking a creative writing class starting September 7th. I'm actually kind of excited for this. I really think it will be fun and will help me to become a better writer. Which I definitely could afford to be!

One thing I have failed to mention on here, mostly because I think it is so gross, is that I have planters warts .. on my feet (mine aren't that bad, but still look diseased). Yeah, ouch, gross, disgusting and repulsive. I had to go to the Dr. today for treatment number 3 out of 6 and all I can think about is the fact that my foot hurts so bad. Which is why I am brining it up. Becuase, ow I can barely walk and it sucks that I can't go swimming with everyone else later. Yes, they are contagious. :-( I am way bummed.

I am down 17lbs! Awesome right?!?! Maybe you are sick of hearing about how much weight I have lost... but too bad! I am super de duper proud of myself. I can wear jeans I haven't worn in a really long time.I'm happy!

The last thing to update on is that we got rid of Z. I wish it was under better circumstances, but it was something that we had to do. For the safety of our other pets and selves. Bella and Zephyr got into a very nasty fight on Tuesday night. It was just Monster and I here when it happened. It was very scarey for both of us. Bella got hurt pretty bad and I had to take her to the emergency animal hospital to get her stitched up. When we got home Kyle called animal control to come and get Z. He was a very big part of our family for over a year and it was sad to see him go. We had done all we could for him, he listened better than he did when we got him but his anger and temper had only got worse. Z will be missed, but not the crazy angry Z. The lovable Z that would come and lay his head in my lap because he wanted me to pet him.


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