It's Been Awhile

With Easter, my dreaded birthday (that turned out being pretty good thanks to my awesome family & amazing husband), being sick & hectic life, I have completely forgot about blogging. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

So, we'll start with Easter. It was nice. Kyle wasn't feeling good so he didn't go to work. Monster is getting a little older so we were able to make his egg hunting a little bit more difficult. We went to my Mom's for dinner and had a birthday celebration all in one. My awesome family got me a Wii Fit! Which I adore, thank you monks and everyone else!

My birthday was good. My desk at work was decorative which made the day feel special. Complete with flowers and chocolates! Kyle brought me lunch and a new cd. Then I came home made Tacos for the monster and I & watched dvr'd episodes of Nurse Jackie & US of Tara. I took Wednesday off to celebrate with Kyle. We went to see Repomen & had lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory. Delicious! We were also semi celebrating our 5 month wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has already been THAT long. So, we decided that on the 7th of every month we are going back to The Cheese Cake Factory to try a different kind of cheese cake. At least until our 1 year. I don't think I have told you about Kyle's deep love for cheese cake. I'm pretty sure he would divorce me to marry it if it was legal.

I have also recently enrolled for online classes. I really enjoy school. So, once again I'm going back. That made me think of the song at the beginning of Grease 2. Ha ha, now I want to watch it. Anyway, back to school (ha Ja I'm totally singing that in my head everytime I type it), I'm taking prerequisites for the nursing program. But I have also been thinking about going further in English and writing. It has always been something I enjoy and have been pretty good at. I guess we'll see how it goes.

But, with the financial aid we will be able to get a new computer! I'm totally excited. It's going to take 4-6 weeks for the award to go through, which I really don't understand. I was approved in April of last year! That's the government for you. My first class statred on Monday and the next on May 12th. I'll be going to my Mom's to do the work. So, if anyone wants to buy my computer now, I'll pay you back in 4-6 weeks. No really, I'm serious. :-)

We got a new dog last Sunday. Her name is Bella. She is 2 years old and is a mix between an American Bulldog and Boxer. She is beautiful and very active. Although, if you saw her curled up snoring right now you would call me a liar. Kyle told me he wants to eventually have a dog rescue. My first reaction was "Absolutely not! OMG all that dog hair, are you CRAZY?" Then the more I thought about, it wouldn't be a bad idea WAY later in life, when we have a bigger house with a BIG backyard with enough room to have rescue dogs. My problem would be getting attached and not wanting to give them up.

And, finally the best part of all. We get to vacation in July!!! Kyle's work had to close down for 12 days. So, I took the 2nd week of July off and we are going on a real vacation. We will be driving to Houston to see Kyle's sister's new house. But, we are stopping on the way in San Antonio to go to Sea World and The Alamo. We are very excited. Not only for our vacation but 10 days of no work! OMG!!

I guess that covers everything... oh wait! We finally got Monster's rooms unpacked. Yes, he has 2 rooms, don't judge. He's an only child with entirely too many toys. And, we are happy with that. Unless we are unpacking them, then we are cursing the fact that he has so many.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend I'm gonna go play my Wii Fit!

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