All We Can Do Is Our Best

We have a black lab that we really need to find a new home for. We have had him for about a year now. He came from a disgusting rescue house, my friend was taking him back because she couldn't handle him, and I couldn't let him go back there. It was dirty, there were flies everywhere and I felt bad. So, I talked to Kyle and brought him home.

Z is a terror. He is extremely hyper and vocal. He has torn up and ate the drip system in the backyard. Yes, ATE as in consumed. He torments the other dogs and drives me absolutely insane.

What's the issue with getting rid of him you ask? Why is he still here? Because I feel horrible getting rid of him. I'm afraid he's going to go to a home that will treat him bad.

I don't know what to do. I feel like we have done all we can do for him. It's a sad feeling.

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