Its been awhile.. and I think I'm more crazy than ever.

Yes, I know... it has been like 5 billion weeks since I have posted anything. But, seriously I have lost my mind and should be comitted. On the plus side, I leave for San Antonio in 3 days and I am officially on vacation since 2:56pm today. So, maybe by the time I get back from vacation some of my sanity will be restored. :-)

My weight loss has been going pretty good. Almost to 8lbs. Which I might add is a pretty big feat for myself. I am running every other day and doing the shred in between (most days anyway. We won't discuss this week, insanity remember?).

School is another subject that should be omitted in the update. Just putting it out there.

I have realized that my poor son is just as clumsy as I am. He is hopeless in this matter. :-(

So, other than that... everything is pretty normal.

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