It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

So far I have really enjoyed my creative writing class. I have only done 2 assignments but I'm liking it.

We are supposed to keep a writer's notebook and write down converstations we over hear, things we think about, a song lyric you like, a list of things you think of, pretty much anything that sparks you. You might not use it now but later it could come in handy. I have been trying to do this. One of our writer's notebook assignments was to write a list of things in a woman's purse. I don't know if any of you have seen the size of my purse or the contents in it.. but I don't think they would be considered the regular conents of a woman's purse. lol I have just about everything you can think of in my purse on any given day. However it was a good exercise to get the brain moving.

October is finally here! I can't wait to get decorating for Halloween. This is by far my favorite time of year. I love fall.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. I just wish I lived somewhere that had enough trees to turn colors and see leaves actually fall from trees. I know one day I will, when is the question.

So, Monster is doing the TBall thing. He had his first game on Saturday it was so fun! The kids were adorable and he had a blast. His actual words were, "Mommy, this was the best morning of my life!" Kids are so cute.

I have lost almost 20lbs.. I'm so close I can almost taste it. I want to work out so bad to get to that 20lbs, but I have a horrendous chest cold that is preventing me from walking from my couch to the bathroom without coughing. I really don't think that the treadmill or Jillian "the bitch" Michaels would be good for it either. I have a dr's appointment on Wednesday so I'm hoping to be back in work out shape by Monday! It's on, look out 20lbs I'm coming for you!

In 1 month and 3 days I will have been married for a year... :-)

Other than that.. life has been pretty normal. Hope you are all having a good week. Happy October!

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