Judgy McJudgerson

We all do it. Even if you say you don't... you have.

It might be about the bum on the corner, your neighbor (although I know my neighbor is a basket case; that is a whole different post), someone you work with, or even someone in your family (I have some fruit cakes there too). You make snap judgements or have certain opinions about them and their life. The thing about it is, you never know what they are going through. People don't always tell everyone their whole story. No matter how close you are, there is always something they aren't telling you. There is one person in this world that I tell absolutely everything too. Half of the time he isn't listening to me... but I do tell him everything. He is the one person that I know that won't judge me.

"Oh my God, she got implants? What a whore!" You don't know if she had one terribly deformed boob, or if it was just because she could. Who cares! It isn't your place to say anything.

"Wow, that cashier was such a bitch!" Maybe her fish died, or she just found out her husband was cheating on her. Give her time.. it isn't your place to say something.

"That guy was standing there begging for money. He didn't look homeless to me. He should go get a job." For this there are so many options. I know standing and begging for money is ludicrous, but you don't know his situation. I have given a bum money before. I felt truly bad for him as I'm was drinking my Starbucks in my air conditioned car and he's standing on the corner in his ripped up clothes and drinking a half bottle of water that the car in front of me gave him. So, I rolled down my window and gave him a $5.  Maybe he went and bought booze with it, but that was  his decision.

I'm guilty. I will come right out and tell you right now, I judge people all the time. I know it's wrong... I know I shouldn't. Not because God or the Bible says so, but because as a human being I know how it feels to be judged. It hurts. I get judged because I'm a fat girl. I should have high cholesterol, zero endurance to do aerobics and be super weak. Well, I'm telling you right now, my blood pressure and cholesterol are outstanding, I'm able to do aerobic activity much longer than most skinny girls and I'm super strong. People make judgements off of nothing. It's annoying and unkind.

My point is just to say this. Before you say something about the girl with her cleavage hanging out, the guy with the sign, the ratty haired lady in line at the store, your bad attitude having co worker or the person in your family making terrible decisions; think about it. Maybe you don't know the whole story. You aren't perfect either. Sometimes situations make us do things that are out of character. 

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