Shizz is getting real.....

The app on my phone says 13 days until we leave.. holly F-bombs where did the time go??

I'm sitting in my garage... in the heat mind you, watching people rummage through my stuff. Trying to get me to sell it to them cheaper. This is my stuff.... all of these things that have some sort of value to me. It's weird to sit here while this happens.

My house is getting emptier by the day. The boxes are piling up.

I still feel overwhelming excitement for the upcoming adventure. I am also starting to feel sad. Sad to be  leaving my best friend and her adorable babies. My family, Kyle's family that is here. My job and the people, okay mostly the people. I can do my job anywhere, accounting is pretty standard across the board. But, for the first time EVER I LOVE my boss. I love the majority of the people I work with. That's something.  I don't regret my decision to leave. I think the realization is starting to set in though. The change is enormous. It's also what I wanted. So, there's that.

I'm not delusional, I know once we get there and the excitement of it wears off I will be homesick. Arizona is the only place I have ever lived. However, I won't miss the consistent brown everywhere. Seriously... the ground is brown, the houses are brown, most of the trees are brownish. Who said... "HEY, let's camouflage everything to match the surrounding nature!"?? Why? I really mean, why? Let's get some color up in here!!! Green is AWESOME! I like green. I can't wait to see it everywhere.

But first, I gotta sell this stuff. Like really. I wish people would just show up and buy it all. I remember this being fun as a kid. As an adult in Arizona when it is 90 something outside, this is not fun... in any shape or form.

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